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IT Computer Guys
(Formerly Progressive Computer Systems)
Our primary focus is the installation and support of Terminal Servers. We specialize in setting up
these systems for Insurance Agencies, accounting groups, and any company that needs remote
access and would like to lower their overall support costs and headaches.

Terminal Services can save your business & both time and money! Terminal Services lets
administrators install, configure, manage and maintain applications centrally on a few servers. This
is much faster and easier than deploying applications on hundreds of thousands of desktop PCs
at different sites across an enterprise. So by making the job of the administrators easier, your
business can save money on IT support costs for their information systems infrastructure. Also,
centrally-deployed applications are usually easier to maintain and simpler to troubleshoot when
things go wrong. As a result, users are more productive and downtime is reduced.

In a terminal server environment all application logic runs on the server making the processing
and storage requirements for a client machine minimal. This means you can save more money by
keeping in service older PCs running legacy versions of Windows and focus your limited IT
budget on a few high-powered systems to run as your terminal servers. The options are almost
limitless since terminal servers let you run almost any DOS, Win32, or Web-based application from
almost any client platform.
We have changed our name and location. We are now located in the state of Washington.

13023 NE Highway 99
Suite 7-165
Vancouver, WA 98686
(360) 727-6265

Support can be obtained at: support@itcomputerguys.com

If it's an emergency and you are under one of our maintenance plans, you can page us directly at:

Please contact the above phone number for support. If we are not in the office, our new phone
system will locate us if possible. If we are not available, you can leave a voice mail message or
page us (press 2 and your number). If your email or page or phone call is not returned and it is
urgent, please keep trying. Technology is not always our friend!!

We will continue to provide outstanding, personal service to all of our existing clients.Our services
will be expanding in the next few months.
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